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Membership Dues

At The Attuned Community School, we believe that every learner should have access to high quality education. Our full-time membership dues are competitive for the area and what is offered, allowing us to maintain a diverse student body. We also ensure that our learners have access to enrichment, forest school and farm school and access to technology. Financial Aid is awarded on a needs based assessment and is first come first serve.

We are proud to have a dedicated team of teachers and guides who are passionate about providing personalized instruction for each student. Our guides work collaboratively with the learners to create a positive and connected community. Join us today to experience all that The Attuned Community School has to offer.

Monthly Dues

Accessible membership dues  provide families with a range of options, including different one day and five day options and financial aid based on need. This flexibility promotes inclusivity, allowing families to choose their level of involvement and access the benefits of the pod. By offering various membership options and financial assistance, microschooling pods ensure that families of different backgrounds and circumstances can participate and thrive within the community.


Extended Enrichment Fees

Extended morning and afternoon hours are offered in microschooling pods for an additional monthly fee, allowing families to drop off or pick up their children earlier or later. Availability for these extended hours is limited and provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Families are advised to secure their desired extended hours promptly to ensure their enrollment in the program.

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